Brian Anderson

WordPress Developer


At FunnelAmplified, I build dynamic WordPress templates for our clients' personal BrandHub websites. There are hundreds of live sites featuring my templates!


I also enjoy completing contract work, projects for individuals and small businesses. for example, I recently launched a website for a talented local photographer, Lacie Honea.

Check us out- that's me with the black glasses...

My story

Before attending Chattahoochee Technical College and working in their Web Administration Department, I spent several years becoming fluent in mark-up, programming and database languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL and even a little Java). In 2017, I joined FunnelAmplified as WordPress developer.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work under a stellar leadership team, and a pair of top-flight Ruby developers. I haven’t been asked to write any Ruby (yet!) but they did grant me the freedom and support to continuously refine, advance and update our BrandHubs.  I’ve learned a lot working with some exceptional people!

If you would like to reach me, send me a message below!

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